7 Things You Can Do With Your Bitcoin

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At Coinme, we get questions every day about bitcoin.

“Where does it come from?”

“How do I buy some?”

“What causes the price to go up?”

But there is one question in particular that we hear from people, no matter where they are in their digital currency journey:

“What can I actually do with my bitcoin?”

This is a great question. The answer? A lot more than you think! Below are just seven of our favorite things you can do with your bitcoin!

1. Buy Vintage Barware (or anything else) at Etsy

Currently, Etsy has over 100 vendors who accept Bitcoin. Generally, they are the like-minded people selling the good things you want… and should have.

2. Upgrade your Reddit

You can buy many premium features on Reddit. You can also update all your Bitcoin know-how at reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/.

3. See the World

Many travel sites like Expedia, CheapAir, and Virgin accept digital currency. Bitcoin is international, shouldn’t you be too?

4. Get Coffee

There are hundreds of local coffee shops, many around the corner from you, that accept Bitcoin. Sit back, have a latte, and be surrounded by many others writing their first novel while checking their Coinme wallets.

5. Give a ‘Bit’ to Charity

You’re doing well, share the wealth. It could be as simple as donating to Wikipedia or doing extra good hitting up any of the charities listed here.

6. See Space

Virgin Galactic will let you buy a ticket to travel to the edge of space and they will let you pay in bitcoin. Who doesn’t want to hang out with Sir Richard Branson while circling the moon?

7. Save It

Did you know that bitcoin is the highest performing asset class of the last decade? Recent analysis actually shows that the amount of time it is necessary to have held Bitcoin to make a profit is 1,335 days or roughly 3 years and 8 months.

Internet forums are filled with people expressing their regret for either not buying it when they could or selling it when they shouldn’t have. Those who’ve bought early and held tight (or HODL) are the ones singing the digital currency praises.

Bitcoin isn’t going away. In fact, it’s gaining popularity and use every single day. But as you know, there’s a limited amount, so there is no time like the present to pick a little up to save away for a rainy day.

Now What?

If you want to spend bitcoin, or even just save it, there is no better way to your bitcoin than with Coinme.

Thanks to our partnership with Coinstar, we partner the largest bitcoin kiosk network in the world, giving you the easiest way to buy bitcoin for cash. Never used a bitcoin kiosk or ATM? Don’t worry! We have a detailed guide right here to help.

We also have a team of dedicated Private Client advisors here to help. From one-time bitcoin purchases to self-directed digital currency IRAs, our team offers many ways for you to take advantage of the highest performing asset class of the last decade. Just click here to speak with an advisor today!

This article originally appeared on coinme.com

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Published: 2020/01/12 - Updated: 2020/01/23
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