Fresh and Beautiful Congratulation Flowers for New Home

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congratulations flowersWishing you to congratulate someone who has just moved to a new home? Let flowers deliver the message for you. Choose from a wide category of beautiful. Symbolic congratulation flowers available for housewarming. You can choose a single type or a bouquet from packaged in style to brighten the home. If you face any difficulty putting the flowers together, talk to your florist, and sort the matter. You can choose your preferred flowers from the following list:

  • Peace Lily
  • succulents
  • Bamboo plant
  • Money plant
  • Jasmine
  • Palms

You will not only find the flowers appealing but also symbolic enough to send your best wishes to the occupants of the new house.

Peace lily


Peace lily will not disappoint you. Its glossy foliage and white blossom is an illumination of your good wishes. It breathes freshness and health into the new home. Ideally, peace lilies symbolize peace due to its white color. Globally, white is a signal of truce. Further, the flower is a symbol of tranquility and prosperity.
So, if you wish the new home peace and prosperity, then peace lilies are the perfect choice for you. Select the fresh-looking peace lilies and deliver them to the new home to convey your desires.


These flowers are evergreen, thick, and resilient against weather elements, as the name suggests—succulents reserve water in their stems and leaves to stay fresh throughout all the seasons.
For you to wish the new home enduring love, consider picking succulents. In Chinese culture, the succulent nature of the plant foreshadows financial prosperity. A new home needs hope for good things for eternity. So make your message clear with succulents.



Bamboo plants are hardy and easy to care for. They have strong stems and remain green for seasons, giving a sense of freshness all the time. Trim them to your desire level, and they will retain their young size for ages. It is one of the most preferred housewarming congratulation flowers you can find.
Bamboo signifies endurance, longevity, and youthfulness. It is a good choice for you since it communicates many wishes at once. 

Money plant

Money Plant

You cannot avoid this lush glossy-leaved symbol of luck. It adds vigor and is a good air-purifier. One is enough, but several such plants are also advisable to purify the new home. So lookout for the green plant and make the new home enjoy purified air.



Its bright green leaves and alluring fragrance makes a home a paradise for the occupants. It is a flower of love and beauty that also signifies purity. You can combine messages of love, purity, and beauty with this small flower, suggesting modesty.



Palms are symbolic of triumph. During conflicts, soldiers would raise palm plants to celebrate the victory. You probably wish to select the tropical plant as your congratulation flower to celebrate the victory. 


All the above are the best Congratulations Flowers for housewarming. Get to your flower shop and pick them for someone you intend to deliver your wishes. One or a bouquet consisting of selected varieties will serve your interests best.

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Published: 2020/10/20 - Updated: 2020/10/23
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