Online abuse and Harassment of Author Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ)- Part 1

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This is the true story of a writer and author from India, Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ)who, represents the human spirit of passion, who had courage to stand up to 300+ cyberbullies or online liars, harassers and abusers.


Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ) was subjected to defamation of character, shaming using false information, humiliation, pile on harassment, hate campaigns, hashtag missions, threats of bankruptcy, threats of being made homeless and threats towards his family and their living. Despite being subjected to the “nonsense in the air” on facebook and other platforms, including physical media and press meetings, Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ) continued writing without fear knowing very well the truth. This story also tries to explain how online abusers, liars and harassers work to abuse, defame, menace, insult, injure using social media platforms that can have an detrimental effect in real life as it promotes suffering and humiliation.

We will also look how the cyberbullies/blackmailers will spread misleading and inaccurate information to artificially exaggerate the claims, with the sole intention to degrade and shame writer, Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ). I will be also looking to show how organised hate is used in this day and age. The internet platforms and other media news outlets are used by these cyberbully liars to harass, bully, intimidate and cause real life harm on the writers reputation and writing, all in the name of freedom of expression. Let’s start our journey.

Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ), author and writer of more than 40 books was startled to hear from his friend that a blogger of “huge reputation” had posted a facebook video rant against Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ) and one of his books. He is familiar and well experienced to know that in the literary field, there will be critics and opponents. Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ) viewed them from the context of purely literary criticism and never took such things personally. So it was surprising for him when he was notified that his name “Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ)” was mentioned and allegations of copyright infringement was laid. Knowing very well that there are have been jealous people of questionable repute who have always loathed him; he assumed this to be false and aimed at tarnishing his name.

It was reported by fake media that Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ) supposedly said about this matter directly in a facebook post.  In all fairness, if Karoor Soman(കാരൂർ സോമൻ) had said anything during that time of an unrelated matter linking social media and abuse, these cyberbullying liars’ aka online abusers (politically correct term- “critics”) would twist that truth. Today’s social media is used negatively and if it was within a reasonable person’s to respond to it, it is not surprising. Majority of the time, all online abusers and followers have no idea of the complete picture of what’s happening and are quick to make judgements. Some of them have ulterior motives based on revenge, some based on money, and for some others-pure fun of wrecking and disorder. The book in question was an informative book that was published in India and Karoor Soman (കാരൂർ സോമൻ) was the author of this book. There were two editions of the book.

To be Continued.

Karoor Soman

കാരൂര്‍‍ സോമന്


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Published: 2019/04/18 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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