A complete guide to SEO myths found on Google

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Almost everyone understands the vital role of SEO as a marketing tool. That's why the demand for SEO service providers has gone higher. You can use SEO services to attain the great success you have never had before. But you need to hire an SEO expert. It's about being smart in your business, and you will have an edge against those with a similar business like yours.

While optimizing websites plays a significant role in promoting your business, you need to avoid myths that have been developed around it. Just hire an SEO expert and watch your website traffic soaring higher every day. You will fail in your plan if you listen to distractors.

SEO myths you need to avoid

1.      Only good content does magic in search engines ranking

Many bloggers may tell you that the content alone will take you to the top of the search engine ranking result. It meant for you to hire them. While content plays a vital role in enhancing your site's ranking, it won't bring you the best result.

So, what do you do to hit a better ranking? It's simple. Hire SEO expert to optimize your website. They will offer you more than quality content to deliver you the best result.

2.      Keyword targeting isn't relevant to Google hummingbird

Want your SEO strategies to succeed? Best for you to avoid this myth. Keywords still show on Google's first page. That indicates they matter a lot. 

Hire an SEO expert for a quality content website that has a clear SEO strategy. Hummingbird has even made things better when it comes to keywords. With it, you won't worry about keyword ration, and your primary focus will be searchers' intent.

3.      If you hire an SEO expert, your site will rank very fast

Experts are marketing themselves and will tell you all manner of words to convince you. Don't believe anyone who says can help your site rank at the top within a day. It's hard for someone to guarantee you that fast ranking. But you need to hire SEO experts. They will help you with the analysis you need and also optimize your webpage using new techniques. 

4.      Guest blogging is dead

There has been an uproar that guest blogging to get links is a waste of time. Could you not believe it? You need quality content with an excellent link profile. Hire SEO expert and rest assured of optimized content to help your site rank better. 

5.      SEO is a one-time activity

It is another thing you should fall for. Even when it comes to those with experience, it will not do it once and leave your site at the top forever. It's a continuous process, and that's why you should hire SEO experts to implement new SEO plans to help your site rank and remain at the top. Google ranking algorithms change and can decrease your position. But your expert will work hard and use techniques to ensure your business is not affected.

6.      You have to submit your website

You may be getting an email requesting you to pay for your site to be submitted to search engines. But you don't need to submit your website. Google is top- notch now and can find the status of your site once you go live.


If you want to take advantage of SEO, forget about the myths and hire an SEO expert to handle that sector for you. They have the skill to know what can help your business. Ensure you don't fall to the above myths surrounding SEO, and you will have the strategies working right for you. 

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Published: 2020/09/25 - Updated: 2020/09/25
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