Best Hair Transplantation Techniques for the Transgender Patient

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Transgender always have a hard time finding proper treatment to treat hair loss. And that is not all; they also go through many difficulties finding other forms of treatments such as surgical procedures and therapies for a healthy lifestyle. These major surgical procedures are always expensive, and recovery also takes longer. To get transgender treatments, you need a doctor who specializes in transgender patients. There are many such doctors in Los Angeles, and one of them is Dr. John Kahen of Beverly Hills Med Spa.

In many transgender women, male pattern baldness or hair loss is a condition that affects their various aspects of life. Many women go through a hard time trying to fit in with this medical condition. Some of them get depressed and suicidal because they feel like they don’t fit due to conditions such as thinning hair throughout the top of the head, receded hairline, a bald spot. Although a big majority of transgender women suffering from hair loss try to hide it with rigs and hairpieces, they don’t offer a permanent solution.

Transgender patients also yarn to grow their own hair. Fortunately, several transgender hair transplant techniques are available nowadays to help transgender people get back and grow their hair. Let’s look at some of them.

Effective Hair Transplant for Transgender Patients 
  • In Transgender Women

When treating hair loss in trans women, the doctor focuses on two major hair loss threats. They include trying to restore hair in the receded hairline and getting rid of the potential effects of male pattern baldness in the future. In males and females, hairlines differ flow and direction. In women, the hairline flows backward, and in men, it projects forward. To achieve a more feminine appearance in women, doctors try to make hairline flow backward for a natural look when doing the transgender hair transplant procedure.

  • In Transgender Men 

When transplanting hair in trans men, the procedure normally focuses on facial hair transplantation. The outcome of such procedures will be a beard and/or mustache, a goatee, eyebrows, or sideburns. Once the procedure is done, it will help create a precise pattern of natural hair growth in the beard region and mustache. To appear completely natural, the procedure needs to be performed with the utmost care and with a specialist surgeon.

Transgender Hair Transplant Techniques

To restore hair in transgender patients, doctors use the same technique used in other patients who are not transgender. This technique involves the harvesting of hair in the donor area and depositing it in the recipient area. In this case, a doctor may opt for the FUT (strip harvest technique) or FUE (follicular unit excision) procedures. The doctor will have to discuss first with the patient before going on with the transplantation procedure.


As we’ve seen, transgender patients can also have hair loss treatments such as hair transplant procedures. Although the doctor needs to have special skills when dealing with transgender patients because of the hair flow, FUE or FUT procedures will work well.

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Published: 2020/12/16 - Updated: 2021/01/18
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