Betadvisor Launches Coupon Marketing Partnership Scheme to Combat Gambling Addiction

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London, England, December 16, 2019 – Top Advisor Ltd, a global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports content for its clients around the world, is pleased to announce the launch of her innovative coupon partnership scheme Betadvisor. Established in 2010, Betadvisor is a company that provides professional sports betting advice and help to fight against gambling addiction worldwide. While responding to the motivation behind the creation of Betadvisor, the CEO of Top Advisor Ltd Charles Herisson, says “It is crucial that we both focus on prevention as well as cure and this campaign will help to educate people to recognize risky play. This ground-breaking coupon partnership scheme with companies will make people think hard about their betting habits and assist to remove the stigma around gambling addiction.”

Betadvisor provides solutions and services to tipsters, punters, media companies and bookmakers. The company also provides B2B services for a variety of sports among which includes American football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Horse racing, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, and Volleyball. The Betadvisor innovative coupon partnership scheme involves companies entering into a partnership and using coupons to improve their marketing and helping to combat betting addiction. Betadvisor has been a market leader for over a decade with over 1,000 predictors from 80 countries and partnerships with over 1,000 sites.

The Betadvisor coupon partnership scheme targets those who gamble regularly on sports. The scheme has been developed in partnership with companies to drive self-reflection and help people recognize the warning signs of gambling addiction. It is a known fact that gambling addiction has negative impacts, including disrupting the player’s life, family, and other pursuits. It is also linked with alcoholism, drugs, breakdown of relations, debts, and crime. While social gamblers do it for entertainment, they expect to lose and also set limits on time and money. That is, however, not the case for gambling addicts.

For as little as 1/100th of the regular price, companies that wish to be part of the coupon partnership scheme can get a limited number of coupons until the 31st of December 2019. They can deploy these coupons in marketing, helping to improve the company’s loyalty programs and reduce customer acquisition costs.

For more information about the partnership scheme, log on to Connect with Betadvisor on Social media for the latest updates:





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Published: 2019/12/19 - Updated: 2020/01/24
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