Eyebrow transplant: Procedure, Cost, and Side Effects

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Eyebrow hair transplant is a lasting cosmetic method in which new hair is taken from other sections of the body is attached to the thin and scarry eyebrow to add strength and redefine the form of eyebrows. A charming pair of eyebrows raise the overall appearance of the face. Small arched and thin eyebrows usually mislead as no one likes it.

After putting infinite efforts into scaling out eyebrows, but when none of them give the lasting solution, you should take a shift towards eyebrow transplant. Keep scrolling to learn more on eyebrow transplants. 

Advantages of eyebrow transplant
  • It makes your expression more impressive.
  • This method gives a jolt to natural eyebrow increase.
  • It makes up the confidence
  • Reduces burn marks and scars
  • It provides respite from daily plucking and threading
  • Natural features 
  • Disease
  • Hair loss in the grafted area
  • Difficulties due to numbness
  • Hair follicles infection
  • Bruising
  • Injury/redness
  • Scarring
  • Obdurate bleeding

One should never choose this surgery if:

  • Donor areas also have light hair.
  • Alopecia areata patients
  • Hair pulling mental disease
  • Earlier failed cosmetic surgery.

Usually, 500-1000 follicles are needed for eyebrow transplant. Complete eyebrow restoration is not distinct from a scalp hair transplant. There are two certain ways for hair transplants. 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • During this method, usual numbness is given, and some mass of drugs is used if required. This method is useful and starts producing more than 50% results in 3-5 months. 
  • The doctor begins extracting follicles from the donor site with the help of tongs or plucker.
  • Then it is joined in the depth of 0.8 - 1.5mm. Tiny cuts are made, and follicles are stored in them.
  • A cut will be tied with the sutures/stitches. The dressing is used soon after that.
  • The term of the method is within 4-8 hours.
   Direct Hair Transpalant (DHT)
  • Before seeking this method, it is necessary to do FUE, so this is a touch up of FUE.
  • In this way, cuts and implantation are done together. The best point about DHT is it makes the base two times more effective because it is done after FUE and speeds up the hair growth after the method. 
  • We can say this is the forward version of FUE.
After the procedure
  • Take drugs like antitoxins after eating or drinking milk.
  • Naproxen and ibuprofen are also benefacial.
  • Occasionally you can take diazepam to get easing from tension and worry.
  • Pain and injury will go on their own, and restoration takes about 4-8 days.
  • When the sun is up, do not go out or defend your eyebrows and use a broad hat, cap, or big sunglasses.
  • Ignore liquor and smoking
  • After 2 days of the surgery with plain water, clean your eyebrows, lightly use baby soap or shampoo, use traditional goods like johnsons or dove babycare.
  • In the donor site, do not include any chemicals when the injury is fresh.
  • Use lotion or mark oils like carrot seed oil or lavender oil on the patron area.
How much does it cost?

An Eyebrow transplant usually needs between 250-500 hairs. The expected cost of eyebrow hair operation depends upon the situation and condition of the patient. The final eyebrow hair transplant cost may rely on several aspects, comprising but not confined to the amount of hair grafts, the patient's health, the transplant surgeon's specialists, etc.


Eyebrow transplant is becoming more famous with men and women over the globe. Its demand has risen in few years, mainly regarding healing hair growth to overly thin eyebrows, completely blowing or injured. The most beneficial thing about eyebrow transplant is that sufferers do not have to live with artificial eyebrows anymore.


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