FUE vs FUT: Examining Hair Transplantation Procedures

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The decision between having an FUE vs. FUT method is up to you and your BHHR surgeon.

When it comes to advanced hair transplant methods, there are two main ways for removing hair follicles during the transplant method:

  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

These two methods are alike in that they both give entirely natural-looking effects. The implantation method is the same: Each follicular graft is put artistically one by one in the receiver or thinning regions. The main variation between fue vs fut is how hair follicles are removed from the back of your head and also known as the donor area. However, there are other variations between the two ways to think when choosing which system is most suitable for you.

How Hair Follicles Are Removed

In the FUE method, hairs are removed separately, using a minimally invasive procedure. It might take one to four hours for your Bosley care team to make this precise removal method.

In the FUT method, all the hair is extracted at once by your care team in a fast and easy way that takes 15 to 30 minutes. The hair is then prepped for execution into the receiver area.

Only follicles that are found to have the most excellent turn of survival are chosen for execution. This step is vital for the result.

How Follicles Are Made for Execution

Your follicular grafts are made for placing by a team of skillful specialists serving with a high-powered stereo microscope. The qualified specialists equip the follicular grafts and assure that they persist in an optimal state until removed.

How Hair Follicles Are Inserted

In both the FUE vs. FUT methods, the follicular grafts are made ready. Small cuts are made in your thinning regions that suit your natural hair extension pattern.

Based on their expertise, your BHHR surgeon and healing team will strategically put the follicular grafts one by one with great ability. According to the hairs within each follicle, natural hairline re-creation requires maximizing the thinning areas' naturalness, weight, and coverage.

What to Anticipate

Both FUT and FUE are easy clinical methods. Your patient care team makes a big deal of effort to make sure you are relaxed during the technique. You can see TV, check out a movie, or hear your favorite music while they work. Healing is quick with both methods.


The time-saving nature of an FUE method usually makes it more costly than a FUT method. At the same time, you can see a summary of how hair transplant cost are estimated. You will be required to speak with an expert and doctor to evaluate your hair loss carefully and an expected cost for your particular plan.


Your surgeon will assist you with your judgment based on hair loss analysis, the thinning area's extent, and the kind and volume of your available donor hair.

No one method is suitable for everyone. BHHR surgeons have extended training in both processes and can give you either one in an honest fashion. See a BHHR surgeon to consider which may be better for your precise state.


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