Generalized Anxiety Disorder - GAD Symptoms

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Everyone has some anxiety, but if you have GAD or generalized anxiety disorder, fears and worries can be so pervasive that they make it almost impossible to relax and have a normal life. Often people with generalized anxiety disorder - GAD worry about things that have very little chance of happening. They can also feel anxious all day long for no apparent reason. Generalized anxiety disorder - GAD can also affect you physically. Some of the physical symptoms can be problems sleeping, muscle aches and pains and tired all the time. Generalized anxiety disorder - GAD is a treatable disorder, there are many things that can help.

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Sam would worry about things from time to time, but it never really interfered with his life. Recently Sam has been feeling on edge all the time. He has been having feelings of dread and worries about the future. These worries have not just been sometimes, but most the time. Sam has noticed that he is falling behind in his work and cannot seem to concentrate. When he leaves work and goes home, the worries continue and he just cannot unwind. At night when Sam goes to bed he is having a hard time falling asleep. He is restless and cannot seem to fall asleep for hours. Sam also is having digestive upset, this includes diarrhea, intestinal and stomach cramps along with bloating. On top of all this Sam has been taking aspirin 4 - 5 times a day for his stiff muscles. He wonders how long he can keep going, he feels like he may be ready for a nervous breakdown.


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If you are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder - GAD, it is very common to worry about the same things that other people worry about. The problem becomes, that these worries become overwhelming and often you can create scenarios that are very unlikely to happen. Things like a innocent mention of the stock market turns into the thought that all your investments will be worthless. Maybe you try to call your child and they do not answer, you then start thinking of all the worst possibilities. Even the thought of getting out of bed and going to work can cause anxiety. It does not matter if you think your anxiety is more intense then others or not, the problem is it will not go away, you are always worrying about something. Generalized anxiety disorder - GAD is worrying about things that are not related to each other in a way that would be considered excessive. This type of worry can make your life very difficult and being able to relax and unwind becomes almost impossible.

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GAD and normal worry


It is perfectly normal to have fears, doubts and worries. It is understandable that you will be anxious about a big interview or going out on a first date. What makes generalized anxiety disorder - GAD different is the fears, worries, doubts are disruptive in your life and are much more frequent then the average person. As an example, if the average person was watching the news and saw a report about a natural disaster overseas, they become a little worried about the situation. Someone with generalized anxiety disorder - GAD could spend the next several nights worried about something happening in their area. They may think about the worst possible thing that could happen. People with generalized anxiety disorder - GAD tend not to avoid work and social situations, but they are filled with anxiety as they move through their daily life's. This can be the case even though they have nothing of any significance to worry about. For some people the physical symptoms associated with generalized anxiety disorder - GAD make everyday functioning very difficult.


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Examples of normal worry


Your daily activities are not effected in a negative way by worrying.


You can keep your worries under control.


You do not experience high stress from your worries.


You only worry about things that are realistic.You worry only for short periods.


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