Hair Loss Pills vs Hair Transplant: Which Procedure is the Best

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Want to restore your hair, but you don’t know which hair transplant Los Angeles procedure to use? Read this post on the difference between hair loss pills and hair transplant procedures. 

Imagine seeing yourself in the mirror, and you notice that all of your hair has disappeared. I am sure you will start screaming, right? Hair plays a big part in making us who you are. We can almost say it defines us. If you have thick hair, you feel proud, and your self-esteem goes up the roof. In some countries, especially in Africa, people believe that hair makes us intelligent. That is derived from a Swahili saying, “Akili ni well, kila mtu anazake.” This means that hair is what makes us intelligent, and everyone has it. 

So, what happens when your hair stops growing or grows only in other parts of your head? If you find yourself in such a predicament, a medical procedure is the only effective solution. With so many hair treatment options available, which one is the best between hair loss pills and hair transplant Los Angeles procedures? Let’s find out. 

Hair Loss Pills vs. Hair Transplant 
  • Hair loss medications

Before we go on, let’s clarify one fact first. No medicine can cause your hair to grow. If someone genius tells you that he has pills to grow your hair, he or she is trying to rip you off. Hair loss pills such as finasteride and minoxidil only help to slow down hair loss progression. Sometimes, these drugs even stop hair loss depending on the patient. 

Finasteride, for example, can help your hair grow stronger and thicker. This way, it makes the patient’s hair more visible. It doesn’t mean that taking this drug will make hair in bald areas of your head start to grow. It only improves the quality of the existing hair in your head. 

Combining finasteride and minoxidil as an adjunct allows people who are just losing hair to make their hair thicker and stronger for years to come. If they fail to use these drugs, they lose their hair faster. 

For those with advanced hair loss, these pills will only help them to the hair they still have and not help them grow other hair. 

  • Hair Transplant Procedures 

When it comes to hair transplant Los Angeles procedures, these methods of treatments are much better because they help hair loss patients to grow back hair. This means that after the procedure, the hair will start growing even in bald areas. Although hair transplant procedures are relatively costly, they are quite effective in the long run. Another thing about the hair transplant Los Angeles procedure is that it is permanent, and you don’t need to use drugs to maintain your hair. 

Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation are two popular hair transplant procedures. The process in both procedures involves extracting hair grafts on the donor area and implanting them in the receiving area. This makes these procedures permanent. 


If you are losing hair, the first thing you need to do is approach your doctor and explain the condition. He or she is in a better condition to offer to advise on which procedure to use in restoring your hair. 

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Published: 2020/11/09 - Updated: 2024/02/07
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