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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented writing platform. Unleash the power of your voice. It's free!
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The Voice of WriterShelf
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WriterShelf is a writer’s platform that lets you publish using pen names. From experimenting with new voices to building your own community, WriterShelf is a place to share and interact safely and with confidence.

Create a Community (or Several)

If you are an author looking to establish a unique presence or build a following around a topic or subject area, WriterShelf offers a compelling platform. Create tailored pen name identities and build your library of posts to reach your public.

Write for diverse audiences, keeping each separate using different pen names. WriterShelf lets you create the right persona for any given conversation. Your voice stays focused and your audience engaged.

Flexible tagging and sophisticated SEO help readers find your writing. Sharing tools allow readers to expand awareness of your work.  Easy Following let readers stay abreast of your latest posts and transparent feedback shows the level of interaction you earn.

There’s even the opportunity to partner with WriterShelf to curate a topic area.  

Share your expertise

Whether it’s cars, computers or chemistry, sometimes you want to share what you know without attaching your name or your background. WriterShelf lets you contribute to conversations freely without extra baggage.

Or in some cases, you may want to present yourself as an expert, using your real name or professional credentials, and let your audience interact with you with the safety of privacy.  

Blow the whistle

Pen names have long served as a protective shield for those speaking truth to power. WriterShelf gives you the freedom to express your opinions without fear of retaliation.  

Identifying wrongs and arguing for justice - whether on the job, in society or the world of commerce - is a service that benefits everyone.

Get something off your chest

WriterShelf gives you the freedom to share your true feelings.  It’s a level playing field where you can provide your 2 cents and tell others what you think. It lets you be yourself.

Argue for what you want without fear of doxing or reprisals. Share secrets that are hard to do otherwise.  Or just tell a few jokes. With WriterShelf you can be yourself and communicate your true opinions with others.

Post once and never come back or stick your toe in safely to see how others react.  The beauty of pen names is that you can use just them once or as many times as you like.

Find your voice

WriterShelf gives you the freedom to speak to the world on your terms.  That means you can experiment with ideas you are not sure of or are still trying out.  You can act out of character to stretch yourself in new ways.

Using a single account, create posts or make comments under as many different pen names as you like. Switching between pen names, or creating a new one, is as simple as a single click.

That means you have the freedom to make mistakes.  We don’t always get everything right all the time.  It’s one of the ways we learn.


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Published: 2017/04/17 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented platform that lets you write using pen names.
Everyone has a story to tell. WriterShelf gives you the freedom to be yourself.

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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented writing platform. Unleash the power of your voice. It's free!
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