Is Linux Web Hosting Safe and Secure?

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This is very often discussed the topic on the Internet, at least this was a very popular topic until a few years ago. I find this quote more suitable for this topic, “The quality of beauty lies on 
how beholder values an object.”  In our context, It is in the hand of a system administrator who hardening the server against hackers and penetration. I want to explain this in the beginning of the article itself, As some impatient readers tend to ignore reading the full article. 

Linux is an open sourced operating system, Means the source code is available for anyone to see and misuse it(If possible). Keeping this in mind, the developers of the open source application give very high priority to the security of the software what they write. Each piece of code written in Linux operating system is reviewed by 1000s of other programmers, It makes it very stable and secure. When 1000s of programmers and security experts review the source code, It is near to impossible for that piece of code to have some issues/security problems. Click here to get secure linux hosting for your website with 44% OFFER.

A very interesting point to discuss when it comes to security is that Linux was designed from the beginning keeping security in mind, Whereas Windows was designed to keep user's ease of use in mind. As you can see, either you can have very tight security with a less friendly interface or a more user-friendly interface with less security. This was the case about a few years ago, Nowadays Windows Operating system has improved in a drastic way.

Windows operating system is definitely targeted more by hackers due to its popularity. It is obvious that, hackers will target where 90% of users are there, rather than where 10% of the users are there(Linux)

As Windows is the preferred choice of Desktop and Windows the most popular Desktop OS, so It is often targetted by hackers.

Some of the popular security vulnerabilities in Windows servers are

  • WannaCry ransomware attack - Encrypts your files and demands ransom
  • SQL Slammer - Microsoft's SQL Server Worm, Affected more than 75,000 Windows servers
  • Conficker - Affected more than 10 million Windows computers
  • Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities
  • Microsoft Windows Journal Vulnerability
  • Win32k Elevation of Privilege Vulnerabilites

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So in the event that you are wanting to have a website, at that point the principal thing that you ought to do is to search for a web hosting company. The web hosting company that you pick must be solid. It must have a practically complete uptime with the goal that your site will be open at any time. You have to deliberately search for the best Linux hosting companies that can offer you the highlights that you require and can secure your information from hackers.

While you scan for a hosting company, you may discover some offering Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. For some individuals, there truly isn't a lot of a contrast between these two. While the reality of the matter is that the execution and highlights that the two offers are practically the same, the inquiry is security. Many individuals are asking, "affordable domains names for our customers.?" As you likely definitely know, there is much malware on the Windows Platform. Malware, for example, infections, Trojan, worms, and spyware undermine a framework. A web server utilizing Windows is interested in these dangers. A good Windows Hosting can shield their servers from this. What about Linux? At HostingRaja they provide economy Linux hosting with cpanel at an affordable price.

With such a large number of individuals making the inquiry "is Linux web hosting secure?" many individuals have started to question Linux web hosting. The Linux hosting is additionally open to various malware, however, there is just a couple of malware that can hurt Linux. All things considered, this malware can conceivably hurt a server hosting your website, which will prompt downtime. On the off chance that you don't need this to happen, at that point you should know the response to the inquiry, "Is Linux web hosting secure?" We provide affordable domains names for our customers.

So when the developers of Linux was asked a similar question, they replied by demonstrating all the security highlights of Linux web hosting. What are these highlights? Here are a few:

IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses - IP addresses of the visitors of the site are logged. This is utilized to distinguish the issues of the server and to stop fraud.

Data Integrity - Linux guarantees that the data on the websites of the clients stay precise. Their hosting service can anticipate unapproved get to, ensure the right utilization of data and safeguard information accuracy.

Data Security - Linux additionally shields the data gathered from their customers. They utilize industry-standard safety efforts like the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and Encryption of vital data utilizing Hosting VentureOS websites.

Data Access - Linux likewise offers a 24/7 customer support. With it, clients can approach identifiable data and right mistakes in regards to this data. Linux finds a way to distinguish the client before offering access to the said data.

With every one of these highlights, you should now know the response to the inquiry, "Is Linux web hosting secure?" Looking at all these highlights, you can state that Linux can make an astounding showing with regards to with giving you an available site as well as one that is secured enough to shield data from spilling out and additionally other digital violations that can debilitate your business. So on the off chance that you made the inquiry, "Is Linux web hosting secure?", at that point, I should answer it with a "Yes." At HostingRaja they also provide domain name registration service for their customers at INR 65/ month.

If you are looking for all these options in one hosting provider then choose HostingRaja and the reason behind it is that they are No1 web hosting provider in the country. At HostingRaja they also provide the best of best Linux Hosting service for their customers. Their basic Linux Hosting plan starts from INR 99/ month. They provide features like, Free Cpanel, Malware & Virus Clean, Get Free .com or .in Domain, POP3/SMTP/IMAP/PHP/Python/MySql Support We also provide 24/7 customer support with 99.9% Uptime. 

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Published: 2019/03/05 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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