New Startup Allows Passengers to Preserve the Environment While Traveling.

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FlyBarbara is introducing a new concept where a traveler can preserve the environment when they are traveling. One-third of its profits will be donated for planting trees. 

A new startup is introducing a unique concept where it allows passengers to preserve the environment while traveling. is a newly launched travel-platform startup. This travel comparison site to give more concern to environment preservation by planting more trees. The company is working with an organization to which they will send one-third of its profit from the sold flight tickets to plant trees. To ease their concept, they are in cooperation with KIWI and HomeAway to accommodate travelers. KIWI is a flight ticket platform; meanwhile, HomeAway will handle all the traveler accommodation. The combination of both services provides reliable and strong travel services.

Trees are essential to life. They produce oxygen for humans to breathe and filter air pollution. 

Although important for life, humans have cut down half of all the trees on this planet so far. Every year more than 50,000 square miles of forest worldwide have been cut down for agriculture, paper, building materials, and fuel. Carbon release from deforestation accounts for 25 to 30 percent of the four to five billion tons of carbon that accumulates annually in the atmosphere from human activities.

People must return the tree to its function as soon as possible. Most importantly, trees absorb carbon, helping to remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which cools down the earth.  

FlyBARBARA is a travel portal that offers comfort and prompts to its customers. This travel portal combines two services at the same time, i.e., booking flight tickets and accommodation. A traveler will save a lot of time, mind, and money in assigning tourist destinations. This platform provides convenience and a lot of beneficial information for visitors. Travelers can share their travel experiences as well. They can also share their travel photos in the photo gallery. Therefore, it can inspire others who are interested in the same destination. For travelers who want to visit a country but struggle to get in-depth information. They can open the "Guide" section. There is a lot of information, such as quality of life, fun scale, living cost, and much more.

"We provide comfort and immediate results in assigning your trip. Our travel planner tool provides a quick price comparison for your flight ticket and accommodation. Furthermore, additional values ​​such as the GUIDE section and STORY section could add insight to other travelers." said FlyBARBARA CEO. 

"What makes us different from other travel sites is that some of our profits will be donated to plant trees. So at the same time, you have helped preserve the environment.``He added.

About FlyBarbara

FlyBarbara is a new travel search engine. Their vision is to make your traveling worthwhile in environmental conservation. One-third of its profits will be donated for planting trees. For more information, please visit


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Published: 2019/11/23 - Updated: 2020/02/10
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