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Book sales have arrived. You can now sell webbooks on WriterShelf.

Selling books on WriterShelf is simple. And you are in control.

Books you publish on WriterShelf can be free-to-read, locked until readers purchase or free with the opportunity to make a donation. Or a combination, really.

Webbooks on WriterShelf? Check out these 7 reasons why WriterShelf is great for publishing your book online.

WriterShelf offers broad flexibility in how you sell webbooks. You can sell webbooks using any of your WriterShelf pen names.

Books for Purchase

Books set for purchase have a buy button on the book main page that shows the price of the book. Readers purchase using a PayPal account or via credit card (no PayPal account needed). After readers purchase the book, any articles you've locked are opened to the reader for them to read on the WriterShelf site.

Readers Buy Anonymously

Readers need to create a WriterShelf account to buy books, but they make purchases from their account rather than a WriterShelf pen name. Readers have the option to follow an author using one of their pen names, but aren't required to do so. That enables readers maintain anonymity when they buy.

Offer as Much or Little as You Want as Free-to-Read

Articles in books for purchase can be Free-to-Read, locked for purchase or any combination. If you want to offer the first 3 chapters of your novel for free, that's simple to do. Or you can make the introductory sections of a technical text free with the detail material locked for purchase. Or leave the sample exercises in an educational manual as "paid" content. It's up to you.

Set up a Tip Jar

An interesting option is to leave the entire content of your book Free-to-Read but ask for a donation from readers who appreciate the content. Readers aren't obligated to pay book but they can if they feel so inclined. It's a way to let people send you some love for your work.

Coupon Codes

It wouldn't be e-commerce without coupon codes, would it? You can set a discount code to give buyers a dollar-amount discount and a code that makes the book free. Your friends will love that.

Flexible Pricing

Set book pricing from US$0.99 to $60.00. Change the price at any time. The minimum price is fixed so any discount codes you create won't take the price under that amount.

Learn about setting up a book for sale in this article.

Simple Royalty Structure

WriterShelf takes a flat 28% of the sale price of the book. That includes all processing fees. For books priced under $1.79, WriterShelf gets a flat fee of $0.50.

Book sales are registered on your Book Sales page where you can claim your money after you've accumulated US$100 in sales. Submit a claim and WriterShelf sends the money to your PayPal account.

Frictionless Publishing. Frictionless Sales

WriterShelf is about helping you get your writing out into the world. Breaking down barriers to sharing your writing and connecting with others. We value your privacy and help you protect it.

The door is open. The water is fine. Jump on in.

Join WriterShelf today and start selling your books.

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Published: 2020/03/09 - Updated: 2020/09/03
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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented writing platform. Unleash the power of your voice. It's free!
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