Top 10 Connectors of Mulesoft

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Before Discussing, about connectors in mulesoft, we have to know what a connector is. A connector is simply known as a software or a program. This will offer a connection between a mule flow and external data source. The Resource be just like a database protocol, database, API. You can design a connector with any point studio IDE and anypoint connector devkit. A connector is scripted in Java version 7 or 6. Connectors’ access web resources by Implementing Java SDK, SOAP, REST. With mule training we can master each connector.

Anypoint connector Devkit offer the software tools and Dashboards like Custom connectors. As Reusable elements that hide API Complexity from the Integration and developer part. The custom connectors show the Integration application with Saas, on premise, web services, applications and Information sources. The connectors that you design using any point studio in Mule ESB Runtime dashboards. The function as extensions of the core technical product.

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Hubspot Connector

In Mulesoft certification every connector questions are covered. Hubspot updates the ROI and promoting Investments by Integrating Hubspot with third party promoting automation SaaS Applications. Services via the mulesoft anypoint hubspot connector. Hubspot provide SaaS Inbound marketing concepts to companies in getting leads and modify them to the business offers. With anypoint Hubspot connector, continuously integrates between Hubspot with marketing automation, Social media applications, CRM and many more. Mulesoft hubspot connector starts instant API connection to effortless Hubspot API. 

LinkedIn Connector

The API connector provides businesses it is the Power to communication to So many LinkedIn accounts. The any point connector offer business power to get communicate with many LinkedIn APIs, including Invitations, profile, groups, Share, profile.

Google Calendar Connector

Get the capabilities of google calendar by initializing the third party applications. Services pre- designed connection with the API Calendar connector from the mulesoft. The any point google calendar offer connector offer Instant API connectivity. For the google calendar API Starting, the Third party apps to import and export synchronize. The API connector creates it very simple to design continuous connection between google calendar.

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NETSuite Connector

The offerings of NetSuite provide good management answers on accounting, ERP Integration, CRM, Inventory applications, and order management. Mulesoft NetSuite connector designs Instant API connectivity. Designing it simple to Interface with NetSuite platform. The connector designs instant API connectivity with NetSuite platform. The connector deals completely with NetSuite API.

Facebook Connector

Enlarge the capacities of your application by offering the Facebook connector. The connector offer business with readymade Facebook API connectivity. This allowing them to Integrate with social networking Service and other type of applications. By utilizing the Facebook connector, it offer businesses. It is the ability to communicate with many numerous Facebook API like Graph, Ads, FQL, many more. With Facebook API Connection, the companies authorize their applications to promote directly to Facebook. They have connection between social consumer information, and easy Interface with Facebook application dashboard. Application integration with Facebook designed possible with mule soft API platform.

Google Prediction Connector

The connection with Google Prediction API. That is to enlarge the power of data analysis tools with any point google prediction connector from the mule soft company. The any point google prediction connector accepts developers to perform operations like spam detection, messaging routing, language identification and many more.

JDBC Connector

The JDBC Endpoint Connects, a transport communication to connect mule application to any type of JDBC database. You can manage the JDBC Endpoint as an Inbound End point. Implement the JDBC Endpoint to operate and design, read and update the operations. 

Amazon Storage Service S3 connector

You can take the amazon simple storage service, that is S3. By designing Instant API Connectivity with the Mule API S3 connector. It is a web storage service that accept companies to store the information in Cloud. This connector also provide access to developers to access any amount of data at any time. Learn More about What is Amazon S3?

Google Tasks Connector

The Any point Google Spreadsheet connector offer Readymade API connection to the google Spreadsheets API. Accepting Applications to access design and modify Google docs spreadsheets. By using the Mulesoft any point dashboard, business has an option to Integrate Google Spread sheets. 

SAP concur Connector

Concur is a SaaS provider, offered from SAP. This is expense management and Integrated travel solutions. API connector concur, it operates a Dual directional gateway, that is in between of mule and the concur. It is available for movement in cloud.

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Published: 2020/01/10 - Updated: 2020/01/23
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