What Are Fountain Pens?

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Fountain pens are writing instruments that feature the use of a cartridge or converter for a continuous supply of ink while writing. They come with a nib designed to write smoothly and let out the right amount of ink when in use.

Fountain pens found their way into the market in the late 19th century. Over the years, they have continued to evolve in terms of design and also performance. These fountain pens came in to replace earlier dip pens and offered more convenience to their users.

In comparison, the dip pens were used by dipping the tip in ink then writing. This ink flow was only sustainable for a few words then you had to dip the tip in ink once again. However, with the fountain pens, you get a consistent flow of ink provided your ink reservoir is refilled.

Why You Should Consider Using Fountain Pens

Fountain pens have over the years gained popularity among different groups especially writers. They come in handy when jotting down notes and also when on long writing sessions. If you are looking to try out fountain pens and need some convincing, here are a few reasons why you should get on to using them. 

They are Easier to Write with

Fountain pens come in different styles and feature ergonomics that make them easier to use. They are designed to feature the right weight making them comfortable on the hand.

Additionally, the ink used in the pens applies capillary action where it is applied on paper without having to exert any pressure. This makes them easy to use especially when it comes to those long writing sessions. Sites like goldspot.com recommend watching Youtube videos and articles on writing with fountain pens before attempting it yourself, as there is a short learning curve. 

They Feature Different Nib Sizes

We are all different when it comes to the width we want to see in our written work. This is where the fountain pen appeals to a lot of its users. It comes with the option of choosing among a variety of nib sizes.

The differences in nib sizes add character to your writing and can be used for different applications. For instance, you can use a fine or extra-fine nib to jot down notes and use a flexible nib in calligraphy or letter writing. 

Variety of Ink Colors to Choose From

With the fountain pens, you enjoy the use of different ink colors that will help you spice up your writing.

The inks used in fountain pens are available in a variety of colors with different brands featuring up to 60 colors. This goes to show that you have quite an array to choose from when working with fountain pens.

All you need is a few pens and a collection of the different ink colors you want to use. With this, you’ll be in a position to take your writing to a whole new colorful level. 

They are Collectible

Most fountain pen brands will feature limited-edition releases that you can invest in and add to your collection. There are also vintage fountain pens that are quite hard to find that you can invest in.

Fountain pens are great collectibles that you should consider investing in. You could also focus your efforts on a specific brand or pen color from a variety of brands. 

They are Refillable

The main feature that appeals to most fountain pen users is that they are refillable. This helps the users avoid having to dispose of the pen every time the ink runs out. It makes the convenient and also environmentally friendly. 


Fountain pens are a great writing tool option for writers looking to revolutionize their work. The pens will help you add character to your pieces and spark your creativity as you experiment with the different colors and nibs. Find a fountain pen brand that works best for you and invest in quality options. 

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