What are the important questions you need to ask from a tree surgeon?

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Question 1: Ask for a Quote

You should ask for a quote and this is the duty of an arborist to give you a positive response. Always remember tree pruning is important for the proper development of a tree. In fact, you should ask some questions from an arborist that are mentioned below:

 ●     What are your qualifications?

The tree surgeons in London should have a proper qualification. In fact, staff members should also hold a specific degree. If you are looking for tree surgeon jobs, then you should hold a national certificate as well as a diploma in arboriculture.

●     Written Quotation

Always remember your arborist should provide written quotations. If your tree surgeon is not providing written quotes, then switch to another one.

●     Check whether a tree surgeon is a member of an organization?

Your arborist should be a member of a reputable organization, then only he will be able to provide you a degree of commitment.

●     Work references

You should ask a professional to show the portfolio. You can also ask him to give you your previous client's number. After getting the number, you can call them to visit their house personally to see the work of an arborist.

●     Experience of the professional

You should check whether the professional is having years of experience or not. If he is not having enough experience then do not hire him. You will not get desirable results from an inexperienced person.

●     Don’t rely on one quote.

You should not trust the first expert you are meeting. At Least accept four to five quotes and compare them. After the comparison, you will come to know which professional is beneficial for you.

Question 2: select the quotation that is suitable for you

While getting the quotations, you should check some things that are mentioned below:

●     Tree work- recommendations- reference to BS3998.

●     You should check the specifications of the professional.

●     What is going to happen to brushwood & timber?

●     What you will do with tree stumps?

●     VAT is involved or not.

●     If the trees are safe then who will take responsibility for attaining the permission?

●     What are the precautionary steps you are going to take?      

Question 3: Consumer Protection

If any problem comes, then need not to worry. You can take advice from the arboricultural association, TrustMark, International Society of Arboriculture.

Which people are at the risk?

Some people are at risks such as climbers, groundsmen, and other people.


There is no protection for the climber that is mentioned below:

●     Eyesight

●     Hearing

●     Head


There is no protection for groundsman that are mentioned below:

●     Head

●     Traffic like road signing, traffic management, and so on.

Other people

Other people are at risk that is mentioned below:

●     Pedestrians

●     Vehicles

Final Thought

The above-mentioned are the questions which you need to ask an arborist. These questions will help you in getting the best professional for the work. Ask about the precautionary methods he is going to take.

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Published: 2020/12/28 - Updated: 2021/01/03
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