What is Lipoma – Symptoms, Causes, and Cure

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 Medical terms are always one of the most controversial topics these days, and whether it is a doctor or patient, everyone faces a lot of issues related to health problem. One of the major health problems is Lipoma, which is one of the major health problems these days. If you are suffering from the problem, then the above post will be very much beneficial for you as here we will discuss all the symptoms, causes, and all those ways, which are beneficial in curing the same problem. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

What is Lipoma?

Before understanding causes and symptoms, you must understand all about the problem that what is it. Lipoma is a fatty lump, which grows within the skin or a muscle layer, and it is a slow-growing health problem. This problem make a person to feel doughy, which moves from one position to the other, and it also produces pressure on the finger. The major thing that you should know about Lipoma is that this is not a cancer and it is completely harmless. 

When you are suffering from this problem then you may not need any treatment. But, it can causes problem if it becomes growing.

What are the various symptoms of Lipoma?

We believe that you have understood all the major things about this health problem, and now it is the time when we have to discuss all its symptoms in detail as we have already discussed that Lipoma is the problem that is soft and doughy to touch. It also moves when you will put pressure on it. The normal dimensions of Lipoma are around 2 inches in diameter, but it can grow. The lipomas are painful when they grow as it presses all the nearby blood nerves. 

What are the different causes of this health problem?

After understanding multiple symptoms, you must understand all the causes of this health problem. The exact causes of this health problem are not defined as it changes from one person to the other. Even though genetic factors also play a great role into that.           


Heredity can be the cause behind the problem of Lipoma. If anyone from your family suffers from the same problem, then it may be possible that you may suffer from the same problem. 

Suffering from Dercum’s problem

Dercum is a rare health problem, which results in the growth of lipoma. In this case, the lipoma grows on the legs, arms, or any other area of the body. This problem is called adiposis dolorosa or ander’s syndrome. 

Gardner syndrome

It is the other form of disorder, which arise the problem of lipomas and causes other health problems too.

Madelung’s disease

This problem arises to such people, who drink alcohol in a huge amount. This problem is also known as multiple lipomatosis, and it result in the problem of lipoma, which arises within the neck or shoulders. 

What Are The Different Types Of A Lipoma?

As we have already discussed, a lipoma is all made with the help of fat. According to the fat type, they are divided into the following types:

·         Angiolipoma

·         Fibernoma

·         Myelolipoma

·         Spindle Cell

·         Pleomorphic

·         Conventional

 Treatment for Lipoma

Lipoma can be left to its condition if it does not create any major problem, but it must be treated if it grows and causes pain. If you are suffering from the same problem, then you must undergo lipoma removal. Here are some of the treatments, which are very much beneficial for treating the problem of Lipoma. 

Some of the major things that the Singapore colon surgeon keep in their mind before following their treatment

·         Size

·         Family history

·         Whether it is painful or not

·         Personal and family history

·         Number of skin tumor a person is having


Surgery is the most common treatment to remove Lipoma from the body. It happens from the lipoma is still growing inside the body. But sometimes, the Lipoma grows again even after surgery, and the whole procedure is done with the help of local anesthesia. 


Liposuction is the other treatment option, which is followed for lipoma removal SingaporeThis treatment is very much beneficial in reducing the size of the lipoma. 

Steroid injections

These injections are injected directly into the affected area and helpful in reducing the size of the lipoma. But the biggest thing is it cannot remove the Lipoma properly.


At last, we hope that you have cleared with all the important things about the lipoma and after reading the above information, you do not have any doubt about the problem in your mind. We believe that above information is beneficial for you if you are suffering from the same problem.  

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