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Articles by this pen name
Writershelf namisu naos 06csm

The Namisu Naos is a substantial, all-metal pen sporting a #6 Bock nib. With unique design, quality manufacturing and competitive pricing, the Naos gets many things right.

Writershelf penbbs 491 08 sm

The PenBBS 491 may be at the low end of the PenBBS price range but it still features outstanding design, top-drawer materials, excellent fit and finish and PenBBS's best nib.

Writershelf penbbs 500 01 sm

The PenBBS 500 makes a strong first impression. It feels substantial with solid size, girth and weight. Unfortunately, spring-loaded piston filling system is likely to be tricky for new fountain pen users.

Moonman m8 01 sm

The mother-of-pearl, gold- and silver-leaf resins of the Moonman M8 make this pen unique. The connection to the Moonman M6 make it a great writer.

Moonman t1 01 sm

The T1 is Moonman's first piston filler fountain pen. It's also their first pen made from aluminum. Turns out the T1 is a very nice pen!


If you're looking for a straight-forward brass mechanical pencil that looks great and writes well, look no further. Here's one that will last a very long time.

Penbbs 480 10 1a sm

The PenBBS 480 is a redesign of the 359 introduced in 2018. Very similar in size to the 308, the 480 is a superb writer that fits naturally in the hand posted or not. The pen is a cartridge converter filler that also works as an eyedropper.

Delike brass 18a 1 sm

The Delike Brass pen is solid and ready for the rough and tumble of everyday use. Just what you'd expect from a brass pocket pen. It's perfect for travel, school or slipping in your pocket or bag when heading out into the world.

Wing sung 699 04b 2 1 sm

The Wing Sung 699 is a handsome, full-sized pen. It is wonderful in the hand and feels balanced posted or unposted. The vac-filling mechanism holds a good quantity of ink.

Penbbs 309 05 sm

The PenBBS 309 could be the only pen you need. Near ideal in size and weight, the 309 posts perfectly and holds a lot of ink. And it was one of the first pens PenBBS made!

Moonman c2 09 1d1 sm

Moonman continues to explore new ways to incorporate their #6 nib into new pens. The Moonman C2 pocket pen is easy to like. The pen posts perfectly and feels great in the hand. The #6 nib fits the pen well and performs flawlessly. The C2 is a fun ...

Wing sung 3013 02c sm

Just when we were getting used to US$20 pens, Wing Sung reminds us that they do cost-down production as well as anybody. The Wing Sung 3013 is true vac filler with a reliable nib, a good size and solid-looking quality.

Moonman m600s 09a sm

The Moonman M600S may be the best pen yet with Moonman's new Nº 6 nib. Everything about the Moonman M600S is spot on: size, girth, weight and balance. Clearly, working from the Duofold Centennial dimensions makes for a great pen.

Fwi brass 6g 07 sm

Come for the cap, stay for the nib and the balance in your hand. Taiwanese pen maker Fine Writing International's 6th generation brass pen Golden Armour is a unique pen you'll want to check out.

Penbbs 352 01 2

The PenBBS 352 is a well-designed cartridge-converter pen offered in an attractive range of acrylics and sold at a reasonable price. Almost everything about the pen strikes a positive note. It's available with a new EF nib.

Penbbs 268 01a sm

Remember the PenBBS 322? It came out last fall as a low-cost PenBBS offering. A slim pen, the 322 featured a #5 mini-fude nib (with a cool heart-shaped breather hole), less metal and was only available in transparent acrylic. This FPN review compa...

Twsbi precision hero 04 sm

The Precision is unlike any of the other TWSBI pens in my collection. Nonetheless, it's turned out to be a more than welcome addition. The design has won me over; I'm all in. The quality is more than evident. The writing performance is flawless. T...

Moonman c1 20a sm

Moonman has released a second pen featuring their new #6 nib.

This time it's an acrylic demonstrator that looks to be the successor to the popular Moonman M2.

Aside from a larger nib, the C1 is designed as an eyedropper or a converter fill...

Kanwrite desire 12 sm

The Kanwrite Desire is a terrific, entry-level Indian pen. It combines great materials, excellent size, solid fit-and-finish and a high-quality #6 nib that comes in a bunch of sizes.

If you have a chance, get one!

A New Pen? Sort of.
I ...

Moonman m6 05

Moonman has released their own No. 6 nib - and it's a winner. It comes in the new Moonman M6, a medium-sized, cigar-shaped wooden pen.

Fuliwen 016 09 sm

Fuliwen is not a pen brand I'm overly familiar with. It's been covered in Frank Underwater's blog and this particular pen, dubbed the Sceptre, has been reviewed by chrisrap52, WaskiSquirrel and Aaron's Pen Videos on YouTube.
I didn't pay much a...

Moonman n3 02

To my mind, the Moonman M100 pen was a watershed. It put Chinese pens in a new league. Where PenBBS pens are clearly the product of people who know and love fountain pens, their strength is in the engineering, manufacture and huge range of materia...

Natami f 05

Here's another under-the-radar Chinese pen well worth a look. The Natami Inception is a Platinum #3776 Century clone. And a very well made one.
I've never treated myself to a Platinum #3776 Century - as much as the Chartres Blue appeals.


Penbbs 323 closed 01 art

The 323 was an early PenBBS model, coming to market in late 2017 - a bit before PenBBS came on my radar. 

Was the 323, after the 266, the second pen PenBBS released? Drop some knowledge in the comments. It's hard to find background info on Pe...

Penbbs 456 jowo 6 004 sm

The PenBBS 456 is what the TWSBI Vac 700 could have been. Great size. Great weight. Great balance. This has got to be the best pen PenBBS makes right now.

Penbbs 471 open 01 sm

The PenBBS 471 is like a little jewel - a bauble of sorts - at least when closed. Assembled for writing, it's as big as a PenBBS 355 and less than two grams lighter.

P 20190125 123615

It's no secret I like the PenBBS 350 aluminum pen, especially since I swapped a #6 M nib for the standard PenBBS one. It's a great writer and very comfortable in the hand.

I can safely say, however, I like the PenBBS 380 even more. And it com...

Penbbs 355 04a

Attention fountain pen lovers. PenBBS is at it again. They've just rolled out another new pen.
The new PenBBS 355 is interesting from a couple of angles:

Bulk Filling System
Pen makers have been thinking about ways to make pens hold mor...

Ty lee sign

The pen business must be OK in Taiwan. The Lee brothers have moved their store 小品雅集 to new digs around the corner. 

The new place is impressive.

More than enough pens to keep you busy for a while. The Lee brothers have their own pen models...

Wing sung 627 ebony and redwood closed 06

Wing Sung have released a lot of pens recently. But, then again, so have Moonman and Delike. It’s easy to lose track, especially when new pens don’t jump out and generate a bunch of buzz in the pen community.
The Wing Sung 627 is a release that...