Before and After Results of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

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Scalp micropigmentation and microblading are similar procedures. These procedures are also different when it comes to implanting pigments. Scalp micropigmentation generates an illusion of fuller hair. Micropigmentation is typically done using an electric tattoo machine. The reason is that the doctor requires more power to get in the skin on your scalp. This is because the scalp skin is thicker than that of the eyebrows.

Before and After Result

How Scalp Micropigmentation Works

This procedure does not aim to make hairlines like it is for microblading eyebrows. But it uses small, layered dots in several colors to look like the shadow on your scalp. The procedure is usually done to generate a natural-looking depth and definition. The artist needs to ensure the dots are as natural as possible and should resemble your hair follicles so that they can blend well. If you are going through any hair loss, this procedure is fit for you.

Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation instructions

Before you undergo the treatment, you need to undergo a consultation process with the artist. The artist will advise you on the areas that need pigments and how densely precedes the therapy. The doctor will select stains that will fit the color of your hair. It is essential to make sure that the artist is trained and qualified to perform the procedure. Doing this will assure you the best results. The specialist will give you the following guidelines before the process begins.

· You will need to avoid blood thinners ten days before the procedure
· Avoid sunbathing ten days before the treatment also.
· Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, or spicy foods 24 hours before the treatment.
· Make sure you avoid smoking two hours before the treatment.

After the treatment, you will need to follow the following instructions. These instructions will help quicken the healing process and give you the best results.

· Make sure you take the antibiotic for two weeks after the process.
· Ensure that your scalp does not touch water for three days after SMP.
· Treat the pigmented area with chlorhexidine or Corsodyl until it is healed. This will take about ten days. These days, ensure that you are avoiding sunbathing and also makeup to the affected site.
· You need to also avoid bathing, swimming, or sauna two weeks after the procedure.
· During the healing process, you do not need to scratch or touch the scalp.

If you have a receding hairline, you can use micropigmentation to make it look even and symmetric. The process can also reduce your forehead if you want to. The specialist will draw each strand of hair manually to make the hairline look natural.


Scalp micropigmentation can solve any issue that is associated with your hair. The FDA warns that you should know the risks that come with this procedure. Remember, if an inexperienced artist performs this process, the outcome will be disastrous. The system is also an investment, and if it is done well, you will get your confidence boosted quickly.

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