Hair transplant Cost, Procedure and Side Effects

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Are you looking to know more about hair transplants? A hair transplant can help you to bring back the hair you lost. The procedure involves removing your hair to plant where you lost hair. The first step you need to know before anything else is hair transplant cost. Read below for more information.

What is a hair transplant?

This type of surgery involves moving hair you already have to fill with thin or absent hair. The process needs to be handled by a doctor who has experience in surgery.

The cost of a hair transplant

The cost of a hair transplant ranges from $4000 to $15000 per session. How much you pay for the hair transplant surgery will depend on the various factors, which include: local market, where you put FUT or FUE.

The online estimate of the hair transplant cost can range anywhere from differently depending on your doctor. However, hair transplant surgery is not cheap; that is why it is not for all people. You can confirm that with your doctor.

Since the hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure, health insurance will not pay for your system after the medication.

Hair transplant procedure

The procedure of hair transplant involves transferring the hair from an area unaffected by the hair loss.

The procedure will begin with the surgical removal of the donor strip from the donor site, which often locates the scalp's back or side.

 There are two different methods for those who do not know, and you need to confirm, as explained below.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

The FUT doctor will remove strip tissue from the donor area and extend the strip to the individual. The cuts are made in the scalp for the follicle unit carefully.

Follicular unit extraction

FUE is used for the hair transplant's modern approach for favors of the patient, leaving with less scar. The individual hair follicle is directly from the patient donor area. The transplant fell out within 2 to 3 years of surgery.

Step1: The used instrument punches around grafted from the donor site and placed in the area you wanted to replace hair desired.

Step2: A tube-like grafted for the donor site placed in an area where hair replacement

Step3: The skin beneath for hair stretches enough for a bald surgical area

Step4: During the surgical bald scalp is cut out of hair transplant, skin

Step5: The scalp patterns used in scalp reduction vary widely; it brings hair and scalp together

Hair transplant side effects

Here are common side effects:


Crust or pus drainage around the surgical sites


Inflammation of hair follicle

Losing sensation around the surgical sites

The visible area of the hair that matches surrounding hair on noticeable thinner

Continuing to lose hair is still balding.

Final word

If you are concerned about the hair transplant, cost the above information. This is something you will notice and begin to understand. The effects of the hair transplant can take time to heal.

Another alternative option is available for less invasive and is more costly. You can discuss with your doctor concerning the cost of a hair transplant. I hope this article helps you.   

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