Karoor Soman (Author) vs Cyberbully Liars- Techniques Explained

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Firstly, happy and secure people don’t need to bully. This article will not look at the plain cyberbully who barks out nonsense for the sake of it but at the educated cyberbullies who defy reason and logic to entertain themselves from their pathetic lives. I hope this small article is of benefit to both kids and adults alike in our socially connected worlds where cyberbullying is allowed and is flourishing.

To identify genuine cyberbullying is relatively simple -: look for patterns of behaviour that is demeaning and deliberate towards the victim frequently. Ugly trolls of today are crooked, lying losers who genuinely have little substance going on in their life, so involve themselves in such acts. Make no mistake, they will do everything to mock and alienate you from others.

Consistent harassment is one sign of spotting a cyberbully; which in the initial phases would involve some sort of financial arrangement. There is always a financial arrangement with such people. Always! Greed is a huge driving force and should not be underestimated. These ugly **** crooked cyberbullies tend to do charity with the blackmailing extortion fees from the victim. Pun intended.

Blackmailing is standard for such people. There will be some hypocrites who wail about “Oh! I am doing a social good” nonsense. Separate the chaff from the wheat. If it is genuine, they would not victimise and neither harm. They would find out, sort out, work out, and find a better solution than cyberbullying. If the victim does not play according to the blackmailer’s demands, the blackmailer turns from playing blackmail to playing full mode cyberbully.

Another trait to look out for among these new breed of cyberbullies is what I call the term “moral cyberbully”. The cyberbully usually would use an excuse/circumstance/situation to enhance one’s own feeling of moral superiority to do the trolling and cyberbullying. They display primitive response/reaction of hate and jealousy. Please note there is no cure for jealousy. No matter what reason or debate is thrown at them, they cannot view past their own little brain of hate, revenge and spite. They would make excuses so that they can keep hating.

Personal revenge motives also play a huge factor with such idiots. These crooked liars pretend to fight for truth and justice. This is one of the best indications that you are dealing with a real douchebag whose main purpose is attention seeking or to become famous and “fight for a cause”. Look out for these types as they tend to drown on their ideas for a long time.

Advice: Ignore such people and get on with your life. No point even debating or reasoning with them. “Justified criticism” is the excuse for cyberbullies to take on victims and has no place in a civilized society. Absolutely don’t waste time on such retards! Pointless waste of time! You can make more sense to a chimpanzee than with these cyberbullies.

Standing up to cyberbullies literally takes skin and a rhino’s skin if they are in the 100s or 1000s. It’s understandable for a lot of people, this can be scary, hard, or even completely clueless. I have seen couple of recent examples from different people, who react differently to cyberbullies, but have their own methods of dealing with it. Everyone has a certain threshold after which point, some people break, some people become stronger than before.

Character assassination is the goal for many cyberbullies and will stop at nothing to destroy your virtual identity and in real life. Naming and shaming is a common tool of cyberbullies and usually they have a few core idiots who partake with a cyberbully leader to victimize people. Other zombie followers who can’t think for themselves usually are not far behind.

Cyberbully followers are another easy spotting exercise. I call them zombies because they don’t have much neurons firing in their brain and respond to a herd mentality. The cyberbully leader uses peer pleasure (yes, not pressure) technique to get people to help them in their bullying and mocking. Partaking in ridicule of the victim is a thrill from their boring lives. Imagine a person eating vomit nonstop- this is what the zombie followers of a cyberbully liar would look like in cartoonish terms.

One very recent example, I got an opportunity to look into after it was brought to my attention involves an author from India, who from the looks of it, either was gullible or was genuinely guilty or was clueless. I cannot be the judge of this. Unlike cyberbullies, I allow the courts of our land and law enforcement to do their job before I come to a decision to be critical of somebody I don’t know.

This author’s weakness or lack of hindsight was pointed out in the social media platform by some people who were affected by it. From what can be gathered, author made an unofficial statement about it, clearly stating that he was cheated by someone on this matter. The so called moral cyberbullies were aware of this and initially, looked like there was a real concern about this, but slowly as one separates the chaff from the wheat, it became clear that this was classical premeditated cyberbullying.

Why do I say this? Similar cases are usually seen among teenagers or kids partly due to jealousy and partly lack of maturity. The similarities are astounding. And here is the Eureka moment! The cyberbully started a rant about the victim, even before the author was aware of it. Supposedly, the author came to know about this through someone else who watched a video of the cyberbully vomiting accusations and playing the mocking bird. If a person is genuine and has good faith, they will tell you honestly face to face like real men or women. There are situations where that doesn’t work and their only other means is to go viral. But always notice the first action- like they say the first impressions matter in an interview- it is similar- notice what a person does. Usually tells a lot about themselves, their background, their parents, culture etc. Try it out. It’s fun to see this in real life and in practice. Notice also the repetition that the cyberbully will use when they have nothing else to say. Yes, but…. Yes, but….

Another interesting aspect was the amount of bullshit that was sprouted between the cyberbullies and their followers. Please see the debate/reasoning/arguments/ that was happening in social media-:

Person 1(usually crooked cyberbully leader) starts a statement

Person 2 is shocked and agrees

Person 3 is amazed and dumbfounded and agrees

Person 4 is raging as if the author has spread chemical weapons

Person 5 agrees to this rage

Person 6 rallies more people and all of them agree

Person 1(cyberbully leader) usually claims an mission at this stage

Person 7 practices hashtags ######### (must have been illiterate)

Person 8 agrees and is shocked at the authors audacity

Person 9 is sure this was done on purpose by the author

Person 10 agrees and is shocked

Person 1(cyberbully leader) makes statement and agrees with Person 1-10

Person 11 amygdala rages and agrees with cyberbully

Person 12 is angry this happened - OMG!

Person 13 agrees to this anger! - OMG!

Person 14 agrees and speaks for the whole community

Person 15 is clueless but agrees at this outrage!! - OMG!

Person 16 wants to spread the word and agrees with Person 1-15

Person 17 finishes his work in his office and sees trending topic on social media and of course agrees!

When you start reading this chain of events, majority of the time, not always, the issue is exaggerated, blown out of proportions, one-sided, filled with lies and has no signs of a sophisticated conversation. It’s another sign of the stupidity and behaviour of cyberbullies. Thank heavens such people do not become political leaders with access to nuclear codes. They could literally start World War 3 based on a tweet! OMG!

It was amusing to discover this as these are classic cyberbullying 101 tactics. As I researched further, it was clear that the crooked lying cyberbully was spreading rumours and lying that the author was doing this and that and was “selling arms and ammunition to kill people in Pluto” to get his zombie followers to act. It was interesting to see the slaves of zombies working hard to prevent the “cruel” author from writing any further.

To stop someone from writing especially as an author, who is passionate about it is beyond cruel and is equal to Nazi behaviour to the Jews. Writing is a blessing and these losers wanted the author, Karoor Soman, to stop writing. We can learn very quickly how to differentiate the original from the duplicate critics just by looking at this example. A genuine critic being fierce in their criticism, would not bow down to Nazi tactics of cyberbullying as in this scenario, which stems from an under developed brain.

Another trait related to this also involves mixing of truth with lie. Always make sure to differentiate the claims and their evidence for it. If they claim that everything the author has done is wrong, they need to give evidence for all of it. This brings us to the principle of “one bad, all bad” syndrome.

A cyberbully targets one weakness of the victim, rotates the truth 180 degrees to suit the cyberbully liar’s narrative. If you are a celebrity/famous person/public figure they usually use the public interest/benefit/criticism reason to defend their cyberbullying.

If you as an independent third party, are reasonable and really after truth and justice, make sure that they have evidence to substantiate their bigger claims. The bigger the accusation, the bigger the evidence should be. If you see a lot of big words with little evidence- start raising your eyebrows! If they claim 100+100=200, and evidence comes out with 100+100 = 60; start running the opposite way, you are dealing with an immoral person at best and worse a crooked cyberbully liar who is convinced they are telling truth and really bad at their mathematics. It’s amazing what the brain can imagine and concoct.

Author: Its worthwhile remembering the biggest critic in our lives is between your own two ears. You have been blessed with a brain which took millennia of evolution to bring to this stage. Focus on the road ahead of you and forget these walls of cyberbullying (Oops, Constructive criticism!) and negativity. Use all the hatred that is channelled towards you as an author for you to keep writing, recommitting to your work, refocussing on your goals. Life is too short for any victim to focus on such trolls. Cyberbullying liars only know how to tear down the work of other people, so do not worry about their huge numbers.

The cyberbullying liars cannot take writing away from you as an author. It’s who you are and what you are. They are bigots who hiss for hatred. Its manufactured discontent and frustration that causes them to bully and troll. Meaningful dialogue to them is equivalent to singing La, La, La. The fate of these liars and hacks is to stay looped in their ether of fantasies. They cannot support, so they stigmatize as that is all they know. Unless you read their zombie creed, you are not one of them. They salivate and are turned on by the very presence of your name, Karoor Soman. Hats off to your courage and determination to stand firm even when everyone around you is going bonkers.

Such bigots are loud to grab attention and only know how to hate and mock, as that is all that they know best. You don’t expect to smell flowers in a smelly trash can! Unfortunately, abuse is what comes out of some people’s mouth in the name of freedom of speech and criticism. Its ok, it is their fate that they are in this loop of immaturity. We can hope for maturity, but some people take a lifetime to mature.

Take it from Mr Salman Rushdie, who once responded to bullies both offline and online, who also wanted him to stop his writing, “Here’s my choice: not to shut up. To sing on, in spite of attacks, to sing (while my dreams are being murdered by facts) praises of butterflies broken on racks.”

REMEMBER: Cyberbullies are Big Ugly Lame Losers who are Yearning for attention using hate, rumour, false accusations, jealousy, suspicion and lying.

Karoor Soman
കാരൂര്‍ സോമന്‍

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Published: 2019/03/30 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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