PRP Hair Treatment- Best Hair Treatment for Baldness

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Baldness can take a large part of your head. The only option you would have is to shave all the hair since the donor area would not produce enough grafts for the bald spot. Thus, you can seek PRP hair treatment as an alternative remedy. 

Doctors use PRP hair treatment to treat androgenetic alopecia. It’s a condition that makes the hair follicles dormant- they no longer produce hair. But the follicles are still alive, and you can reactivate them. Some reasons lead to this kind of baldness. All the reasons are attached to the genes. 

Causes of Baldness

There are several causes of hair loss. We have indicated earlier that genetics is one of the reasons for hair loss. Check your family history to know if you are a candidate for baldness. Some people get baldness in their mid or late 20s while others get at advanced ages.

Another reason for hair loss is stress and hormonal imbalance. A stressful life can alter the functions of your hormones. Thus, it hinders hair production. In the end, you experience hair loss. If the problem prolongs, you’ll end up with a permanent bald. 

Other reasons include accidental traumas, 

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP works by repairing worn-out body cells. When the follicles become dormant, it does not take nutrients and oxygen from the scalp. The health of the scalp can also contribute to the health of follicles. PRP hair treatment helps to activate the follicle cells. 

Few days after the treatment, the follicles will start absorbing minerals and nutrients. The follicles will heal and start producing hair. The initial hair may appear weak, but it will improve with time.

PRP enables the scalp to produce sebum, collagen, and keratin. The elements are helpful in healthy hair growth- Keratin makes up hair proteins. Collagen improves the health of the scalp and aids in keratin production. On the other end, sebum moisturizes the scalp and hair roots. It also seals out the entries for intoxicants.

PRP hair treatment happens at the doctor’s office. It also takes a short time to complete. The process is painless. You don’t even need local anesthesia. However, you can request if you have a high pain coefficient. There are minimal risks since the doctors that handle the process are highly qualified. 

Advantages of PRP Hair Treatment

There are tons of advantages of PRP hair treatment. First, there’s no risk of infections since the doctor will prepare PRP from your blood. Also, you’ll not go through the hassle of getting a donor. 

You’ll get natural results. The results last longer as long as you adopt a good hair care routine. The treatment will keep your scalp younger. You’ll also have an improvement on your face- you’ll look younger. 


PRP hair treatment is non-surgical. It’s preferred since it does not have downtime. The patient can have the treatment in the morning and resume work in the afternoon. There are minimal side effects since you do not get anesthesia injection. 

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