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Articles by this pen name
Writershelf webbooks 01

What's the deal with webbooks? How do they stack up compared with ebooks. For readers? For authors?
The Webbook Story
A webbook is a website that acts like a book. You read them on your computer, tablet or phone. That makes them convenient.


Writershelf a return to purpose 03

We want WriterShelf to be a place for writers to feel at home. That's who we made the site for, after all. We want authors to be comfortable and confident that WriterShelf is worth their time, so going forward we're making some changes.

Writershelf   modern online publishing 01

We’re working to make WriterShelf a complete and modern platform for writers and readers.

Writershelf   sell books article setup 03 sm

Publishing a book for purchase has two parts: Turning on e-commerce for the book and setting the articles in the book as "paid" or "free."

Writershelf   buy books faq 01

Answers to important questions about buying books on WriterShelf.


Writershelf   sell books faq 02

Answers to important questions about selling books on WriterShelf.


Writershelf   sell books 03d

Book sales have arrived. You can now sell your books on WriterShelf. Selling books on WriterShelf is simple and you are in control.

Writershelf book how to 09a

Creating a book is a two step process. First create the book and then add the content. Update book settings under Books on your Pen Name Page.

Writershelf books 01c

Make webbooks a part of the experience you offer your readers. WriterShelf makes it as easy as it gets.

Writershelf debut 01

Welcome to WriterShelf!
As much as we love Scrivinor, we figured now would be a good time to update our brand and take on a new name. We're delighted to introduce you to WriterShelf.
We think our new name is easier to pronounce and remember. W...


Can I have multiple Approved Access groups?

Can multiple Approved Access groups collaborate?

Writer-1 creates an Approved Access group that includes Writer-2 and Writer-3. Both Writer-2 and Writer-3 create their own Approved Access groups ...



Approved Access is a way for you to grant special access to content that you publish. It is friends with benefits for the followers you choose.
Approved Access let you decide who can read and comment on your content. Where any WriterShelf member ...


WriterShelf has two ways to offer premium content to build fans and connect with readers. Follow-to-Read articles give readers a preview of the content of an article but readers must follow your pen name to read the full article. Approved Access l...

Photo 1512909006721 3d6018887383?ixlib=rb 1.2

WriterShelf gives you an simple way to turn readers into fans to build community and lasting relationships. Follow-to-Read articles give readers a preview of the content of an article but readers must follow your pen name to read the full article....

Scrivinor   adult content 03

WriterShelf is intended as a diverse and open platform. That means, we allow content inappropriate for younger readers. We call this Adult Content. Here's how we handle it.
Choose Whether You See Adult Content At All
As a reader, you don't hav...

Scrivinor   grand tour 01

Looking to understand how WriterShelf works? Here's a tour. See how to get started, set up your pen names and start publishing.

Scrivinor   modern blogging 05

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and a fantastic way to share information with others.
It's a way to tell your story your way. It lets you establish your voice in communities you care about and connect with new people. You become a b...

Scrivinor   build your community 01

WriterShelf is a unique hybrid blogging / forum solution for writers or groups to publish content and develop an engaged audience. Combining the best of both worlds, WriterShelf's unique features offer a simplified path for setting up an online ho...

Scrivinor import blog archive basic flow

The WriterShelf Import tool lets you import a blog archive to WriterShelf as a batch process. The tool lets you:

The Import tool currently supports the Moveable Type Import / Export format. If your platform supports other formats, please cont...

S2 003 tw

Whether they come from yourself or others, expectations can be oppressive. The chance to escape from existing patterns is the perfect way to inject new energy into your writing. That's what pen names offer. 
A change in perspective lets you exe...

Joseph pearson 310899 unsplash edit

If you’re getting started as a writer and are looking for place to expand, you've found a home.

Wfmplb sm

Using multiple pen names has a long tradition among writers. But the digital age has made it harder to create and present work under different names.
Platforms like Facebook and Wordpress let you create a single persona and expect you to produc...

Power of a name2

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but a compelling presentation makes for a terrific start to bringing readers into your fold.
First Impressions Matter
Readers judge how deep they want to dive into a work by the title and first paragraph. C...

Phil coffman 161251 letterbox

When you’re comfortable with how others see you, it’s easier to share. Likewise, when you have confidence that the people you interact with you are real, it’s easier to create genuine relationships.
Natural Privacy
Remember the last time you r...

Metoo banner mobile 01

Women around the world are speaking up and revealing the magnitude of the problem of sexual assault and harassment. Men too.
WriterShelf is a place where you can share your story, big or small. The privacy of a pen name can help you take the fi...




Insert media

Here's an example of embedding a registration form from Google Forms in a WriterShelf article.
Use the Embed tab under Media in the Insert (+) menu.


World of work 06

“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.” 

Well, maybe just the weekends.  That said, we do spend most of our adult waking hours working and many of us continue to work into our mid-60’s.
But there are those...


Writershelf daily en

Stay up to speed. Stay connected. 
The WriterShelf Digest – delivered as a daily or weekly email – provides an easy overview of the latest WriterShelf content as well as up-to-date information on activity around your articles. The Digest is des...

Red bear child childhood edit 02

WriterShelf gives you the freedom to share your true feelings. It’s a level playing field where you can provide your two cents and tell others what you think.
It lets you be yourself.

Pen names have long served as a shield for those speaking...

Pexels photo 459038

Start with privacy
Pen names open new doors for sharing your thoughts and stories in the way that best suits you.  From funny to pointed to carefully unassuming, the options are endless. WriterShelf gives you them all.

Get going fast